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HALKON nextCBD™ 300mg Softgel Bundle
HALKON nextCBD™ 300mg Softgel Bundle

HALKON nextCBD™ 300mg Softgel Bundle

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Product Info: 
HALKON nextCBD™ 300mg Premium Softgels
Servings Per Container: 60
Serving Size: 1 capsule = 5mg of nextCBD™

What Are HALKON nextCBD™ 300mg Capsules And What Does it Do?

HALKON nextCBD sofitel capsules are a fast and easy way to digest nextCBD oil. We have created these capsules so that they are easy and simple to consume and contain zero THC. HALKON nextCBD 300mg capsules have anti-inflammatory and antipsychotic properties that naturally lift your mood and improve immune functions, leading to better health. 

What is  nextCBD™ ?

nextCBD™ know as "The Game Changer" is a fully water soluble hemp CBD with unparalleled and rapid bioavailability enhanced molecules. The enhanced solubility sets the stage for greater Total Bioavailability, resulting in maximum desired response. nextCBD is protected from decomposing in stomach acid, whereas ordinary CBD rapidly degrades. After 30min, almost 70% of ordinary CBD is gone, and all ordinary CBD is undetectable after 2 hours. However, even after 4 hours, CBD in nextCBD™ showed no detectable degradation, greatly enhancing the transport of CBD to the bloodstream and to sites in the body where it can achieve the desired response. 

What is nextCBD™ Total Bioavailability?

nextCBD's vastly superior Total Bioavailability multiples the strength of our the product far beyond the reach of our competitors. The profound advances made by doing credible science have positioned nextCBD™ to be the global leader in setting industry standards for quality, performance and Total Bioavailability. The implications of our advances for transforming CBD use are beyond calculation.

What are the benefits of taking HALKON nextCBD™ ? 

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Decreased anxiety levels
  • Fewer acne breakouts
  • Improved memory and mood
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Antipsychotic effects
  • Increased resistance to infections
  • Stronger immunity
  • Better sleep
  • Relief from depression
Directions for Use: 

Take one capsule daily.

Recommended Storage Conditions:

Store HALKON nextCBD™ 300mg Softgels in a spot with stable temperature and away from direct sunlight and heat.